Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Bookworm Game

Click on the image above to go to the Bookworm Adventures game. Play the game online, don't download it. First, click the link to 'Learn how to play', then 'Play the game'.

You'll have lots of fun making words and trying to get a high score, before the burning tiles reach the bottom of the screen.

Post a Comment below, to tell us your highest score in one session in this free online version of the game! Tell us only your first name and age in your Comment.


  1. What a fantastic school library blog! I am thinking about creating one for our school library and I have to say that yours is inspirational! You have taught me a bit more about Shelfari and Declicious Bookmarks which I have been slow on the uptake with. I will be sharing your blog with my class tomorrow! Many thanks!

  2. This game is really cool! On my first go I got up to level 5 and got 30,640 points. My longest word was Streel and this word got me the most points.
    I would certainly recommend this game; it keeps you on the edge of your seat the whole way through.

    Kachina (Age: 12)

  3. Goodness, that is amazing Kachina! What a lot of points! How long did you spend playing, to get that high score? You'll have to put out a challenge to the other students in Room 7 to see if they can beat you. I'm glad you liked the game, and found it kept you on the edge of your seat - actually, I found it very stressful to play!

    I've never heard of the word 'Streel' and I had to look it up in the link to on the side of the blog - very interesting! You could use it in the next story you write!

    Carol (Age: much older than 12)

  4. This is a really good game. On my first game I got 8440 points and on my 3rd I got 107,320. It shows that practise makes perfect and I would definitly recommend it.

    There were lots of different words and the hardest letter to spell with was "qu".


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