Friday, April 02, 2010

Happy Easter!

We hope you have a wonderful Easter holiday with family, and friends, and... a few great books to read while you nibble those Easter eggs! The weather forecast isn't looking too flash, so you might have a chance to put your feet up for a while and settle into a good book.

How about posting us a Comment below, and telling us what you are reading during the holiday break!


  1. Hi I'm reading One Door Away From Heaven by Dean Koontz
    It's a really good book and I'd recomend it to anyone who loves adventure.

    From Emma-Rose

  2. I read several books over the holidays including;
    Ghost Hunter by Michelle Paver.

    There is a series of Percy Jackson and the Olympians by Rick Riordan.

    These are both really good books that I would recommend to age 12+ boys and girls who like action/adventure stories.

    Emily age 13

  3. Hi, I read Warrior Princess: Rhiannon of the Spring. It is a good book with lots of action and emotion. I would recommend it for 11 year olds and over.

    Kachina [12]

  4. I have just read a really good book called Sebastian Darke Prince of the Fools and I think anyone 11-12 who likes an adventure will really enjoy it.

    Jahna 11

  5. Hi I am reading Old Bones by Bill Nagelkerke I think it is really good so far I recomend it to 11+ ages.

    Alex age 11

  6. I read a couple of books in the holidays. Highway Girl My Story was one of them. I really enjoyed it a lot and would recommend it.

    Sara aged 10

  7. Hello

    During the easter break I read quite a few books including 'Pongwiffy and the holiday of doom', Pongwiffy and the Spellovision song contest', 'Pongwiffy and the spell of the year' all books by Kaye Umansky
    I also read 'fat four eyed and useless' by David Hill.
    Philippa age 11.

  8. I have just finished reading a children's book called Jack Russell Dog Detective. It is an interesting book for ages 9-10.

    Chloe age 12


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