Thursday, August 25, 2011

Books take these boys somewhere interesting!

Books can take you to dangerous worlds, especially if you're a boy!

By Hayden, Freddie and Oliver.

Books can take YOU anywhere!

Anna (a Year 5 student) already knows that books can take us anywhere! (And this is her first attempt at green-screening in iMovie. She has also been learning to give credit for any Creative Commons photos she finds on the internet, and wishes to use).

Please leave a comment telling us where books have taken YOU.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Long Live the Book - by AbeBooks

I just came across this beautiful video, mentioned on the Stephen's Lighthouse Blog, and I simply had to share it here.

Next week is Book Week at Springston School (actually, I think that EVERY week should be Book Week)! So, this video is great for reminding us about what books can mean to us.

What other words about books could we add to a video like this?

What word would YOU add to this sentence:

Books are....................

Please leave a comment below and tell us!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Book Week postponed until next week

Book Week has been postponed until next week because of the snow causing school closures. The same timetable will operate, with Dress Up Day being next Wednesday 24 August.

In the meantime, snuggle up and enjoy some books now - share some reading with mum or dad, or brother/sister/friend.

Where will your imagination take you? What will you learn?

Post a comment below, and let us know where your reading has taken you during these snow days.