Friday, September 26, 2014

'The One and Only Springston' Team wins the Christchurch South Lit Quiz!

On Thursday 18 September, 16 children travelled to Somerfield School to compete in the Christchurch South Lit. Quiz that they had been training for since Term 2. The group had to study 6 picture books and 6 novels and answer questions on the night; 10 for each book.

Springston had two teams entered and 'The One and Only Springston' team were in 2nd place after the first round and then in 1st place until round 8; then we didn't know if we had won until the end. The team scored 10/10 for 5 rounds, 9/10 for 2 rounds and 8/10 for 3, then a 6 and 4.5; total 102.5. A fantastic, well deserved win. Our second team finished with 85.5 points in 9th place and our reserves scored 81.

The winners were presented with a trophy, certificates and got to choose a book and the library also got a bundle of books. All of the children received a selection of goodies in a lunchbox. Thanks to Scholastic for their fantastic sponsorship of this quiz and to Opawa School for hosting the quiz this year; our turn next year! Special thanks to our Librarian, Mrs Winter, for coaching and supporting us!

Our winning team!