Monday, May 12, 2014

2014 Kid's Lit. Quiz

Libby, Mya, Rob, Molly & Emily at Cobham
On Friday 9 May our team competed in the quiz at Cobham Intermediate School along with 62 other teams from schools all around Canterbury.

We had 100 questions in total on a lot of different topics. Ten questions on each topic. Some of the topics were; Mythology, Dogs, Christmas, Beverages, Food, Anatomy, Creatures and this year a whole section on Harry Potter. Our best topic was Mytholgy where we got 8/10.

Do you know who is the male and female of Ying and Yang?
Ying is the female.
Molly, Emily, Rob &  Mya

What is the Japanese symbol for old age?
A turtle or a crane.

What is Captain Haddock's favourite drink?

We got 63.5/100. The top two teams were Cobham 1 & Cobham 2, they got 85 & 84.5 and will now compete in the New Zealand final. Afterwards we went to the Children's Bookshop to look at all the new books.

Look out for Libby's choice : 'Out of my Mind' by Sharon Draper.