Saturday, November 05, 2011

Read the book then see the film

We all love a good movie. And we all love a good book!

How many books have been made into films? LOTS!

If you like to read books, and then see the film, you will enjoy the Christchurch City Libraries page called Read the book - then see the film.

And, if you've seen a great movie, you might wonder if there is a book linked to it. And often there is! Take a look at the Christchurch City Libraries page called Books into film and television.

We all know a couple of great examples of this - The Hobbit (being made now!) And, The Adventures of Tintin is being released soon - how exciting!

What are your favourite 'Book Movies'? Please leave a comment below.

Thursday, November 03, 2011

a Google a day

I only recently came across a Google a day, and thought it might make a fun challenge for more able readers around Year 7/8 in our school.

Has anyone tried it with this age group?
How tempted do you think they would be to just use the hints?

Is there a place for this in our classrooms (I do think we need to increase students' general knowledge) - or should they just focus on the learning focus happening in their classrooms?
Is it too Americanised for our NZ culture?