Monday, May 28, 2012

Read it! Loved it!

What can I read next? We've all asked that question!

Well, here's a great website by Gavin Jones, called Read it! Loved it! that is sure to help you find a book suited to your interests. And.... Yes, boys, there are books listed here for you, separate from the girls' list!

Books are listed under the following headings:

Animal Stories
Feel Good
Historical Fiction
Quick Reads
Tough Times
True Stories
Purple Picks (essential reading)

Friday, May 18, 2012

2012 Librarians

Lucy, Chrissy, Haidee, Alice M, Alice T, Callum, Annabelle, Caitlin, Anna, Jackson

Books, Books and more books!

We have loads of new titles in the library, something for everyone.Take a look at some of them pictured here.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Library Happenings

Annabelle and Lucy

We  celebrated NZ Book Month in March and had two competitions. Haidee organised a NZ Book Month reading competition. The winners were....senior Annabelle, Intermediate, Zoe and Junior Lucy B. They challenge was who could read the most NZ books in the time given. For the seniors 6 picture books counted as one book and for the intermediates 4 equalled one book. Annnabelle read 8 chapter books. Well done Haidee for coming up with the great idea and organising the whole competition, including the prizes!!

Alice T and Anna organised a quiz for Year 4-8 children. With over twenty entrants it was really busy. The winner was Lucy C from Room 9 with 11 points out of 15. All the questions were about New Zealand books and authors. A lot of our NZ books have been on display,.

NZ Book Month Quiz winner- Lucy

Kid's Lit. Quiz

On Friday 11th May seven pupils went to the Kid's Lit. Quiz hosted by Cobham Intermediate. Our competing team was Oliver, Freddie, Jake and Anna. Haidee, Annabelle and Georgia went along to observe.

The quiz consisted of ten rounds of ten questions. The teams were given the subject headings of each round and before they started they got to choose their 'double up' round where they would earn double points for that round.

The subjects were; heroes, vegetables, teenagers, schools, sheep, watches, transport, world authors, sport and a visual round called Who am I? Our team competed extremely well and scored 71 points. Their top scoring round was vegetables with 9 points for which they won the tie question and got a book voucher each.

Oliver, Freddie, Jake and Anna

Overall we finished in 14th  place out of 52 competing teams, our best effort in the competition so far. Well done!

On the way home we visited the Children's Bookshop and browsed the shelves for new book ideas for our library.

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Top 10 most read books in the world

Here is a fascinating infographic by Jared Flanning, showing the top 10 most popular books (by sales) over the last 50 years. It certainly includes a diverse range of books, and I think it's great to see 'children's' books featuring, too. is a website where you can view other infographics, and you can also try creating your own. Infographics are a clever way of showing information visually (in a graphic form). They can show complex information quickly and clearly.

Here is a challenge for our more senior students - to post a comment with the link to another infographic from the internet that you have found interesting, and briefly explain why you found it of interest. Include your first name and Room number on the comment.

by Jared. Browse more infographics.