Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Scholastic Book Reviews

During Term 2 ten of our children wrote reviews that were entered in the NZ Book Council's competition.
I was thrilled to learn in the holidays how well they did!
This is part of the email I received:

Your students have taken out all of the 5-7 category, and the 8-12 category of the review competition - a feat that is unmatched, and particularly in the 8-12 category was very strongly contested. Well done!

The winner of the 5-7 age group was Romilly, followed by Mackenzie and Bridget. 

The winner of the 8-12 age group was Haidee, followed by Georgia G, and Alice K.

Thank you to the Book Council for the opportunity for the children to publish their reviews and to Scholastic who provide the prize packs for the first place winners and also for the books for the library for having the most entries per capita. We will certainly be entering again.

Read the reviews here:

Will and Woof   
By Tanya Warren

Will has a dog named Woof, Woof is Will’s dog. This book is about Will and Woof being best friends and playing together always because that’s what friends do, they do mostly everything together.
 The dog has got one white patch up above his eye. My favourite character is Woof. I like him because he does lots of stuff like catching balls. I like this book because they get in lots of games……
 My favourite part was when Woof was very happy bus! One time Woof was so naughty; he chewed Will’s new shoes. I would give it 9/10
By Romilly aged 7 years

Thea Stilton and the Ice Treasure 

By Geronimo Stilton
This book is about six mice that went to Alaska and had to travel through the snow. They met lots of new people. With them they had a dog sled. Some bad people blew up the ice. Can Thea and her sisters save the ice? 
Nicky is my favourite character because she sang with the screaming icicles and when the dogs pull Violet on the sled. 
I rate this book, 9 snowballs out of 10 and is for girls age 7+.
By Mackenzie  aged 7 years

Danni the Drum Fairy 
Written by Daisy Meadows
This book is about two girls who are friends and how they helped a fairy find her drums which were stolen by a goblin.
Rachel who is one of the main characters is brave and never gives up.
A favourite part of mine in the book was when the fairy’s magic was used to trick the goblins.
I enjoyed this book giving it eight out of ten.
It shows that working together gets things done.
Reviewed by Bridget   aged 7

By Des Hunt
12–year–old Zac moves north to the remote Terawhiti Station off the coast of Wellington, where he fears that he might die of boredom. That is until he meets Jess, an adventurous and level-headed girl from a local town. Together they must solve the mystery of the Phantom of Terawhiti.
When a boat belonging to a Russian billionaire crashes off the coast of Wellington, the crew all seem to have escaped in a small life boat. But Zac and Jess soon find out there is more to it than that. Amongst the wreckage of the newly-beached boat, Zac and Jess find footprints, too big to belong to a dog, and a round object with teeth marks in it, along with a dog bed labelled “Tasha”. Jess and Zac soon come to the conclusion that the pet could have been, and most probably was, illegal. What would a billionaire want with an illegal animal aboard his boat?
When Zac and Jess find two suspicious men after the missing animal, and others getting curious, they must do everything in their power to protect it from people who might harm “the phantom,” or worse.
This is officially one of my all-time favourite books. I love the way this book is easy to read, but you can still see many under-laying plots that keep you on your toes. Once I started reading this book I couldn’t put it down, and if you ever read it, which I highly recommend you do, neither will you! I would recommend this book to girls and boys aged 9 to 13.
I rate this book ten out of ten!              
By Haidee

Written by Deborah Ellis                          Reviewed by Georgia G

This book is about an Afghanistan born girl named Parvana. She lives in a one room house with her Mother, Father, big sister Nooria, little sister Maryam and little brother Ali.

Life is tough for Parvana’s family and many others, with only men being able to go out alone. The invading Taliban have told all woman to stay inside and not go out without a man. Worst of all, in all weather woman have to wear a burqa to cover up their skin.

Just days after a normal life, everything is turned upside down. For no reason, her father is taken away by the Taliban along with many of the family’s belongings leaving Parvana and her family bewildered and scared.
I really enjoyed reading “Parvana”. It kept me engaged throughout the story. I really like the way Deborah Ellis writes her books about children my age living in places where each day of their life is a struggle.

To find out more about what happens to Parvana read this book and then the sequel Parvana’s Journey and the third book in the series, Shauzia. I have read many other books she has written including The Best Day Of My Life and No Safe Place.

I would recommend this book to people who are 10+ and like interesting adventures that take you to places you never imagined you would go.If you would like to read this book it can be found in the school library.

Bow Down Shadrach
by Joy Cowley: reviewed by Alice K

I have recently read a book called ‘Bow Down Shadrach’, I really enjoyed it and am now reading the second in the series.
This is a bit about it:  

Shadrach is getting old now and his health is failing. When Hannah tries to make him do one of his old circus tricks he really hurts himself. With Shadrach hurt and his health failing Sophie and Joe, Hannah's parents, aren’t sure what to do with him next.

When Hannah is told by her parents that Shadrach is getting sent to a horse's rest home she feels that she will really miss him but it will be good for him.

The next day at school Hannah finds out with the help of her friends that the rest home that Shadrach is getting sent to, is no rest home! When Hannah arrives home she races outside to visit Shadrach, but Shadrach is nowhere to be seen, it’s too late, he’s already gone!

Hannah manages to persuade her two younger brothers to help her get Shadrach back, but without her parents help how will they manage?
I really enjoyed reading ‘Bow Down Shadrach’. It kept me intrigued throughout the book. I thought that it was a really great story to read and would recommend it for people aged around 10+ who enjoy reading horse stories.