Friday, January 27, 2012

We're made the Top 50 School Library Blogs List

We got a lovely surprise at the end of 2011, to hear that this Blog was selected to to be in the Top 50 School Library Blogs List based on recommendations from other school library blogs and because they think our site is awesome for people interested in school libraries. This includes library blogs from around the world.

Here is their review of our blog:

New Zealand is the home of the "Springston School Library Blog", librarian Karen and a crew of enthusiastic student helpers; check out the cool costumed characters in the Book Week Parade, the latest book shelf arrivals - including a series of Kiwi Corkers, plus a wealth of student-submitted book reviews and trailers on this blog that emphasizes safe cyber citizenship.

Thank you to Charles Sipe of Teacher Certification Degrees for letting us know about their Top 50 list, which has lots of great Blogs to explore!

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