Thursday, February 28, 2013

Competition Winner!

Late in term 4 2012 several super Springston Readers entered the NZ Book Council's book review competition.  Returning to school this year, I was delighted to learn that one of our student's entry won first prize in the 5-7  age group. Here is a picture of Rosie with two of the books that won.
Well done Rosie!
This is the book review that Rosie wrote:

Scholastic Children’s Book Review Competition Term 4 2012

Age group 5-7years

Rosie Duckworth, age 6, Springston School

Ruff and Tumble by Mary Small

I think this is the best book in the world. It is the story about two dogs- Ruff and Tumble. Ruff lives with a grumpy farmer who locks him up in his kennel day and night. Ruff is tough but he wants to escape. One day he pulls and tugs until he slips out of his collar. Away he goes into the freeness.

Tumble is a very mischief dog who lives in the city with a little old lady. He is very good at tricks and the old lady claps and feeds him with titbits. However Tumble wants to see the world and one day when the old lady goes out to get the newspaper he escapes. Both Ruff and Tumble get picked up by the police and taken to the pound where they meet and become best friends.

This is a story about meeting and becoming good friends. The dogs Ruff and Tumble are happy together but will they stay together? Read the book and find out.

AND what's more because we were the school who had the most entries, we won some books for the school!!! A fantastic effort by all those who entered. Keep a look out for new competitions:)