Digital Citizenship: Online safety

Can I be your friend? Facebook safety. What if we behaved in real life, the way we do on Facebook. Very clever.

Facebook advice for parents (from Allanah King): What to do if your child asks for a Facebook account. AND Facebook advice from CommonSense Media.

Digital Dossier: How aware are you of your digital dossier? Information about you follows you throughout your life.

Google’s Me On the Web - keep track of your digital footprint. Read this blog post from iLearn Technology, about a new way to keep track of your own digital footprint. (An interesting thought, although can we also blame Google for being largely responsible for enabling digital footprints to be so permanent?)

Do you know what it means?
Keep up to date with what the terminology means - don't get left behind and sadly out of touch. The video on this Childnet website provides a warning.

In My Day: A Parent's Guide to Cybersafety (A NZ resource with a clear resources onmany aspects of online safety, ideal for parents.


Netsafe: A Parent's Guide to Facebook: Read or print out the pdf, or view an at-a-glance chart with recommended privacy settings for teens. (You must be age 13 or older to have a Facebook account).

School vets pupils' social media use - Stuff Newspaper article 25 May 2013

Safekids: Guidelines for Parents

Cyberbullying information for New Zealand provided by Netsafe.


How to set YouTube's Safety Mode: Watch the following demo by YouTube.