Sunday, June 27, 2010

Winners of Library Book Week Competition 1 - Create a bookmark

It was great to see a few students responding to the challenge of making a bookmark on the computer. Senior students also did a great job of thinking about the words to put on their bookmarks. Congratulations to the winners!

Years 1-4 Winners
(3 prizes awarded instead of the 2 originally offered)
Ellie - Room 4
Lucy B - Room 1
Isabella M - Room 2

Year 5-8 Winners
Emma-Rose - Room 7
Lucy - Room 7

Friday, June 25, 2010

Winners of Library Book Week Competition 3 - Library Blog Treasure Hunt

Image attribution Treasure Map: Image ID: 575957

We had 3 entries in this competition, and all had the correct answers for the Treasure Hunt!

The lucky winners are:

- Room 5

- Room 7

- Room 7

You can download the correct answers
here or view them online by clicking on the image below.

Blog Treasure Hunt Answers

If anyone would like to create their own short Treasure Hunt of the Library Blog we'd be happy to publish it here for others to try, just let Karen or Carol know.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Winners of the Library Book Week Competition 2 - First line of your book?

We had lots of entries in this competition, from all over the world! It was great to have some parents and teachers taking part too!

It was really interesting to see the first lines of the books you were reading (you can read them all here).
However, there could only be 4 winners, and these were selected by a lucky draw. The winners are:

Jack Thorp
- Room 7
- Room 7
Katy - Room 7
Isabella Marra - A+ Adventurers (Room 2)

Congratulations! Your prizes will be handed out at next week's assembly.

If you found this activity interesting, you may like to go to the
KidderLit website and check out the selection of first liners from books within your own age group or area of interest.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Book Trailer by Morgan and Kachina: 'Dead Girls Don't Write Letters'

Another wonderful Book Trailer from the the Year 7/8 Extension Reading Group, this book written by Gail Giles.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Emma-Rose's Book Trailer Video - 'One Door Away from Heaven' by Dean Koontz

Another wonderful Book Trailer from the the Year 7/8 Extension Reading Group. This one is scary though, so we suggest you view it first, before showing to younger children.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Library Book Week Competition 3 - Library Blog Treasure Hunt

This competition aims to help you get to know this blog better.

The Treasure Hunt has 10 questions.

Click here to download the Treasure Hunt (it is a pdf), then print it off.

Put your name and room number at the top of the page. Then print your answers neatly in the space under each question.

When you have finished the Treasure Hunt, put it in the Treasure Hunt box in the Library.

This competition closes on Wednesday next week - 23 June, at 9:00 am sharp. All correct answers will go in a lucky draw - the first 4 correct entries drawn will win a prize.
Image attribution Treasure Map: Image ID: 575957
Image attribution Treasure Chest: Image ID: 375180

Monday, June 14, 2010

Library Book Week Competition 2 - First line of your book?

Have you noticed the KidderLit widget down the right side of this Blog? It gives the first line (sentence actually) from a number of children's books.

It is interesting to see the many ways that different authors start their books!
Here is the first line of the book that I'm reading at the moment:

One of my first memories is of learning to read. ('The Book Whisperer', by Donalyn Miller 2009)

To enter the competition, post a comment below, and tell us the first line of the book
YOU are reading now (for pleasure - not a classroom reader), along with the Title and Author of the book (don't forget to sign the post with your first name, too, so we know who is entering the competition).

We will hold a lucky draw of all the comments posted by Springston School students.

The first four comments drawn will win a prize!

The deadline for comments to enter this competition is 9:00 pm on Thursday night. Amended deadline - now 9:00 am Wednesday morning 23 June.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Library Book Week Competition 1 - Create a bookmark

This is the first of 3 competitions being posted on the Library Blog this week. Look out for the other competitions on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings!

Create a bookmark completely on a computer, print it off and bring it along to the Library to be displayed and judged. (Note: the bookmarks pictured above were NOT made on a computer and would not count in the competition):
  • You can make your bookmark at home, or at school.
  • You could use Kid Pix or Pages (Page Layout section), or any other suitable software to make your Bookmark.
  • Be sure to include your Name and Year level on the back of your bookmark, or on an attached piece of paper.
  • Entries will be in two sections, Years 1-4 and Years 5-8, with two prizes for each section.
  • Students in the Senior section are asked to add words to their bookmark that encourage people to read.
Bookmarks will be judged on design and creativity (and for senior students, also how well the message on the bookmark encourages someone to read).

All entries must be received in the Library no later than 9:00 am on Friday morning. Have fun making your bookmark! Amended deadline - now 9:00 am Wednesday morning 23 June.

Image Attribution: "Day 158 -- Featuring Bookmarks by SEP+Book+Club"

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Mollie's Book Trailer Video - 'Chosen by a Horse' by Susan Richards

The Year 7/8 Extension Reading Group has been working with Carol for 40 minutes each week to create Book Trailers. They viewed some examples on the internet, and decided they could do even better!

Mollie loves horses, and hers was the first book trailer to be finished ready for the blog. Here it is! Enjoy!

(The difficult to read list of credits at the end includes the Creative Commons images used in this video).

MORE new titles in the library!

More new books 10 June

An intriguing story, I am reading this at present.
Another great Fleur Beale story.

New books 10 June

Things to do on those rainy days

More fun and laughter from your favourite authors

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

A search engine with a difference!

I've just found Sortfix. What a great tool to guide children through how to form an effective web search! This would be great to use in the classroom or at home.

Watch the demo video first, and learn how to type in a search word, and then have Sortfix help you decide which 'power words' to use to narrow down your search. Drag the words you need, into the 'Add to Search' Box; and the words you don't want, into the 'Remove' Box. You will be able to see how these words are added to, or removed from, your original words in the main search box. Then Sortfix finds the search results for you!

Definitely worth looking at, to learn how to use key words and different search terms to search more effectively.