About the Library

Classes are timetabled to visit the Library each week, to browse and exchange books for borrowing. The library is also available for students to work in throughout the day. Please check the Library timetable for bookings, or see Mrs Winter.

The Library is open to students to exchange their books during any of the breaks during the day. It is a great place for quiet reading. A number of quiet games are also available to be borrowed in the Library.

Student Librarians are on duty and available to help during the 2nd lunch break.


Borrowing from the Library

Students may borrow two books at a time from the Library; Senior students (and others by request) may borrow 4 books. Books are loaned for two weeks. It is possible to borrow a book for longer if you need to, as long as you check first with a Librarian that it hasn't been reserved by someone else.


Reserved books

You can reserve a book at any time. When it becomes available, you can pick it up from a Librarian at the issues desk.


New books

New books will be on display for two weeks before they can be borrowed. During this time, you can still reserve these books.


Books for parents

We have a small collection of books for parents, relating to parenting. These books are in the school office foyer. Please sign the book out on the sheet provided.