Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New Henderson's Boys Books

New to the library for year 7 and 8 are the latest two Henderson's Boys titles; The Escape and Eagle Day by Robert Muchamore.
Come in and reserve these now, they will be available for issue from Week 3 of Term 1.

The Escape: Takes place as Hitler's army advances towards Paris. Amidst the chaos, two British children are being hunted by German agents...

Eagle Day: Hitler has conquered France and now he intends to defeat Britain, a young group of refugees led by British spy, Charles Henderson, faces a stark choice. To head south into the safety of neutral Spain, or go north on a risky mission to sabotage the German invasion plans.

If you love these books you will be interested to check out the Cherub Campus web site for lots of information and character profiles and bonus stories related to the series of books.


  1. I've heard so much about these books - I've got a couple at home and I am going to get on and read them now!


  2. Josh enjoyed these books and the Cherub series - we have them at home.


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