Saturday, May 22, 2010

Dr Seuss Books Jigsaw Puzzle

Click this image to go to the puzzle at Jigsaw Planet.

If you are like me, you love Dr Seuss books - I have a shelf full of them at home!

I found a great photo of a few of the Dr Seuss
books, and thought I would turn it into a jigsaw puzzle for you. The puzzle has 63 pieces and took me 18:17 minutes to complete the first time. How long will it take you? (Tip: The puzzle does not take up the whole screen, and is portrait-shaped, not landscape).

If you'd like to do an easier 20 piece version of the same puzzle, click here: seuss.

Try the puzzle and then post a comment to tell us your favourite Dr Seuss book. Please leave your first name and age with your post.

Puzzle Image Attribution: Image: 'SEUSS!'


  1. Hi, Cool puzzle, took me quite a while to do it though. I love Dr. Seuss! My favourite book is probably the Lorax. Dr. Seuss is really clever because all his books Rhyme and they all have really cool illustrations.

  2. I really liked the puzzle - was a good challenge - took me 14.01.


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