Saturday, August 28, 2010

World Map of Book locations

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Bill Lord, a Literacy teacher, has created this map. He talks in his blog about how he hopes others will collaborate and add to the map with locations of their favourite books.

Each placemarker on this map shows a main or starting location mentioned in a children’
s book.
Blue placemarkers are for picture books, red markers are for short novels (less than 150 pages), green markers are for novels and graphic novels.

Anyone can add their own placemarks for books which have inspired them at some point. It is important that people who add books leave a short recommendation with a link to a description of the book (eg on Shelfari, or Amazon).

How about we add the locations of some of our favourite New Zealand books (none are listed yet)! Leave a comment here with your recommendations, or (better still) log into Google Maps with your gmail account and contribute to the map - let us know if you do!

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