Saturday, March 10, 2012

500 New Fairytales Discovered in Germany!

Wow, hundreds of new fairytales have been discovered in an archive in Germany, waiting to be enjoyed by future generations of children! (An archive is a place where collections of documents are stored to be kept safe for the future).

These tales had been gathered by a German historian (Franz Xaver von Schonwerth) during the 1800s, at a similar time and in a similar way to what the Brothers Grimm had done with the many magical tales we came to grow up with. They have only been found now, after all these years! How wonderful!

These new tales reportedly have magical animals, princes and witches, as is typical in fairytales. You can read one of the new fairytales called The Turnip Princess

What is YOUR favourite fairytale? Please leave a comment below.

More about this exciting discovery, thanks to The Guardian.

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