Thursday, May 17, 2012

Kid's Lit. Quiz

On Friday 11th May seven pupils went to the Kid's Lit. Quiz hosted by Cobham Intermediate. Our competing team was Oliver, Freddie, Jake and Anna. Haidee, Annabelle and Georgia went along to observe.

The quiz consisted of ten rounds of ten questions. The teams were given the subject headings of each round and before they started they got to choose their 'double up' round where they would earn double points for that round.

The subjects were; heroes, vegetables, teenagers, schools, sheep, watches, transport, world authors, sport and a visual round called Who am I? Our team competed extremely well and scored 71 points. Their top scoring round was vegetables with 9 points for which they won the tie question and got a book voucher each.

Oliver, Freddie, Jake and Anna

Overall we finished in 14th  place out of 52 competing teams, our best effort in the competition so far. Well done!

On the way home we visited the Children's Bookshop and browsed the shelves for new book ideas for our library.

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