Thursday, September 27, 2012

Christchurch South Literacy Quiz

On 20th September 2012,  2 teams from Springston School competed in the Christchurch South Lit Quiz at the Addington School Hall along with 9 other teams. This was the first time we had been involved in this quiz. We had 11 books to read and learn, from picture books to novels. Each team was made up with children from Years 3-6. There were twelve rounds, each had 10 questions, one general question round that had really tough questions.

To prepare for the quiz everyone had to read the books and write a set of 10 questions and answers, they then were assigned books to be the 'expert'. They shared their questions with each other and we had regular meetings as a group.

Each team also made a team 'flag', that was judged during the evening.On the night we had entertainment from 'Adrian from Reading Rocks" showing us his awesome juggling  skills- learned from a BOOK. His message was that we can learn anything from a book.

Back row left to right - Alice, Georgia L, Lucy C, Georgia G, Molly, Mya, John.
Front Row-Ethan, Kaylee, Lucy B, Ellie, Maggie, Lucy Co, Libby. Absent: Ashley
At the end of the evening all the children were given supper and received a lunch box full of goodies.
Opawa School won with 95 points, Springston Super Readers were 6th with 83 and Springston Speedy Greedy Readers were 8th with 80.5 points. A fantastic effort! Our reserves did the quiz as part of the audience and did very well too. Springston School was very lucky to win the prize of $300 worth of books donated by Scholastic.
Georgia and Lucy the team captains for the night said, "It was nerve racking at first because we didn`t know what to do and it was hard work trying to write down the answers and listen because everybody was talking at once". "It was great fun and a very exciting night".  "We would like to thank our families for their great support on the night".


  1. Awesome job everyone, as I understand
    you had not done this competition before, but what a great incentive to read a whole range of new books:-) Glad you all had fun doing it

  2. I have just been reading many interesting posts on your blog. Well done creating such a fantastic learning environment for your pupils. Our library is also a very much valued area in our school.
    Mrs Eden
    Richmond School, Nelson


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