Thursday, June 28, 2012

Be an Author and be in to win!

All our students at Springston School are Authors. So, you all have a chance to be in to win by entering the NZ Post Tell Your Story to the Whole Country Competition! Let's do it!

Just write something about.... YOU..... in 300 words or less, and in the form of a poem, short story, or any other form of creative writing that fits with the theme of ‘My Story’.

This year the 20 best stories will be professionally illustrated and published online as part of an eBook. You could become a famous published author! Not only that, each of the winning authors will win $50 in Booksellers Book Tokens.

You must send in your entry by 31 July 2012 - so.... get writing!

Check out the entry information for kids. And put your entry in here. You could use this email address for the school's contact email that is required.

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