Sunday, June 24, 2012

A treasure trove of information for our students

All our students have access to a free subscription to the Encyclopedia Britannica Online School Edition K-8, through a link on the National Library of New Zealand's EPIC resources. This resource is often a more suitable starting point for finding information for our students, then going straight to Google or Wikipedia.

This access is not available by going directly to the Encyclopedia Britannica website. But our slightly longer route is worth the effort. I recommend that parents and students bookmark the site, and make note of our school's username and password access that can be obtained from your teacher, Carol or Mrs Winter. Copy the details and keep them for use at home. I am not allowed to publish them here for you, sorry, as this login is only available to students in NZ schools.

To picque your interest, and show just how many exciting resources are freely available to you, take a look at this video guide to Encyclopedia Britannica Online. I suggest you watch it with your child or in your class.

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