Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Library Book Week Competition 3 - Library Blog Treasure Hunt

This competition aims to help you get to know this blog better.

The Treasure Hunt has 10 questions.

Click here to download the Treasure Hunt (it is a pdf), then print it off.

Put your name and room number at the top of the page. Then print your answers neatly in the space under each question.

When you have finished the Treasure Hunt, put it in the Treasure Hunt box in the Library.

This competition closes on Wednesday next week - 23 June, at 9:00 am sharp. All correct answers will go in a lucky draw - the first 4 correct entries drawn will win a prize.
Image attribution Treasure Map: veezzle.com Image ID: 575957
Image attribution Treasure Chest: veezzle.com Image ID: 375180

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