Sunday, June 13, 2010

Library Book Week Competition 1 - Create a bookmark

This is the first of 3 competitions being posted on the Library Blog this week. Look out for the other competitions on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings!

Create a bookmark completely on a computer, print it off and bring it along to the Library to be displayed and judged. (Note: the bookmarks pictured above were NOT made on a computer and would not count in the competition):
  • You can make your bookmark at home, or at school.
  • You could use Kid Pix or Pages (Page Layout section), or any other suitable software to make your Bookmark.
  • Be sure to include your Name and Year level on the back of your bookmark, or on an attached piece of paper.
  • Entries will be in two sections, Years 1-4 and Years 5-8, with two prizes for each section.
  • Students in the Senior section are asked to add words to their bookmark that encourage people to read.
Bookmarks will be judged on design and creativity (and for senior students, also how well the message on the bookmark encourages someone to read).

All entries must be received in the Library no later than 9:00 am on Friday morning. Have fun making your bookmark! Amended deadline - now 9:00 am Wednesday morning 23 June.

Image Attribution: "Day 158 -- Featuring Bookmarks by SEP+Book+Club"

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