Thursday, June 10, 2010

Mollie's Book Trailer Video - 'Chosen by a Horse' by Susan Richards

The Year 7/8 Extension Reading Group has been working with Carol for 40 minutes each week to create Book Trailers. They viewed some examples on the internet, and decided they could do even better!

Mollie loves horses, and hers was the first book trailer to be finished ready for the blog. Here it is! Enjoy!

(The difficult to read list of credits at the end includes the Creative Commons images used in this video).


  1. Well done Molly for managing your time so well that yours was the first book trailer to be finished.
    I like the way you have alternated writing and images to keep the trailer moving on. I sounds like a bit of a sad read. Who would you recommend it for?

  2. Sorry Molly - I seem to have a sticky letter on my keyboard. I was supposed to say that it sounds like a bit of a sad read.


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