Thursday, June 24, 2010

Winners of the Library Book Week Competition 2 - First line of your book?

We had lots of entries in this competition, from all over the world! It was great to have some parents and teachers taking part too!

It was really interesting to see the first lines of the books you were reading (you can read them all here).
However, there could only be 4 winners, and these were selected by a lucky draw. The winners are:

Jack Thorp
- Room 7
- Room 7
Katy - Room 7
Isabella Marra - A+ Adventurers (Room 2)

Congratulations! Your prizes will be handed out at next week's assembly.

If you found this activity interesting, you may like to go to the
KidderLit website and check out the selection of first liners from books within your own age group or area of interest.

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